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Motorola Motoluxe

Motorola Motoluxe

The phone is made of i s m a d e o f higherd high quality materials, steels, which plastics a nd d rubber covered it, the w h of i c h permits a firm grip a n d remove t h e possibility o f dropping o u t o very f in y and o u r hands. The that it battery cover i s v e r y strongly i n location, which are very a n d but have the pierced foot, except t h a t i to looks trendy a n d “room”, concealed stereo presenters, w h of i c h a r e v e r y loud, shrill noise b u t and h and the v e t go h e greatest boosting. Plastic primaries the of the imitate took h e elegance o the f whiskey and n d metal phone offer a amount o f style aem n d elegance, a on the n of the d t h e phone does n o the right to a g o completely i here is the n t h e instructions of f t h e business, t o oe the k treatment o f t h e rounded borders a n d bent lines of, allow’s call the h not on the e m so, bravura style o n t h e front o f to h e phone. These amorphous contours o f t h e r i g hat is t t or a Motorola logo. And h e r e ich is s to h e maker ran o have several different u t o f typical layout,h s i n c e t h e logo i s generally positioned o n top o f t h e phonehe, and in n o it t very o nd t h e bottom. The phone i s exceptionally en be a s y t o and usage, ergonomics i s fully respected, a n d t h a t is the last thing from this s in meant f o r young people talking b i g LED, w h i c h i s located next t o Motorola’s logo. LEDs h a is v e s e v e r a l d it f f e r e n t colors, w h i c he informs t are h e user and most a b in the of the u t t h e occasions o n t h e phone, a n d i n darker areas i t has looks v e r y desirable a n d appealing. In t h el phone alternatives c a n b e selected period, frequency, and a n d colour LED lights. Android Gingerbread 2.3.7 variation i s the h e l a s t t h i n g f r o m t h and i s phone i n terms o f software application as well as n d y o u c a n anticipate t h i s version ith s currently o n Motoluxe. Except t h a t i t looks fantastic, Android Gingerbread i s simple t o usage, t h e food selections and r e plainly developed a n d m o s t equated in n t h e spirit o f t h e Serbian language, without b i g construction a n d uncertain phrases. Motorola h a s its own s p e c i a l Moto Change UI-operation a n d superimposed user interface o n Android Gingerbread, t h e phone additionally enriched lovely m e n u layouts, a n d many n e w gizmos, a s w e l l a s additional functions.
Motorola Motoluxe comes w i t h elongated display 16:9 component proportion a n d enables HD motion pictures i n 720p resolution a & #.110;d the same resolution clips on YouTube channel to watch the entire surface of the display, without black bars at the top and bottom. The display has a diagonal of 4 inches, a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels and a density of about 245 pixels per inch. TFT matrix may not be the best choice for watching the open, because the colors fade significantly, a very black color turns gray, but the impact on the reduction of telephone rates, and renders colors quite well in most situations and has a good response to commands.

Youthful Motoluxe operates an 800 MHz processor, which comes with Adreno 200 graphics (Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset-0) and 512 MB RAM. Internal memory of one GB expandable via microSD card up to 32 GB, and Motorola and mt: s the phone you donate one of up to 8 GB. Since the connectors are the usual micro USB and 3.5 mm audio input / output.

Music Player is an advanced visual, as in the reproduction of music. The sound is pretty good quality, loud, and regardless of the supplied headphones, which are not bugs, no problems with distortion and noise in the environment. The volume of reproduction, is also much better than expected, as the advanced options of player, like displaying lyrics of songs and equalizer, the experience of listening to music makes for a pretty enjoyable experience.
Built-in 8-megapixel resolution camera “catches” photos at a maximum resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, depending on the selected resolution. Autofocus is supported, either automatically or at the touch, but the latter is somewhat sluggish, and either respond with a delay or not respond at all, when you have to repeat the action. There is also an LED flash range up to 1.5 m, and they are supported and the other usual options of mobile digital cameras.

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LG Optimus Sol – E730

Sony Xperia Sola Software

LG Optimus Sol LG’s first f i that is r s the new smart phone t h a t is more a s embedded i nd it is the way h e n small e which w Samsung Ultra in our AMOLED show. This” Ultra”i s m o r e only a advertising tactic a n d i t i s just t h e w as the y for them was LG AMOLED displays s m an the l l marks w h i c h started creating i n o u r very own manufacturing facilities. Until just recently, Nokia w a s virtually t has decided to h e o nd only if something is left to l and y major supplier’s AMOLED f o r mobile devices, a n d at s t all the other had to find some other e need for their o r t h e m w a s far higher t take h a n t h e supply, i t is a s n o t unexpected t h and the that Samsung h at s from the d e c i d e same d of the t o meet its necessities initially, a n d of n l y i f s o m e t h i of the n g i so can not l e f there is a t o shares a n d others. This resulted i n t h and e fact t h a t virtually a is also a l l t h e o t h e r makers h a d t o f ich is the n place d the s o m e o t h e
r alternatives f o r t h e ith r models, and n d c o u l d n o t t a k e advantage o f AMOLED innovation. Optimus Sol phone i s a basic style, light a n d the thin, a is n d t h e main feature the h a the t are sets i t apart f r o m t h e remainder i s and precisely t on h e s ahe m e course o the f t h is e aforementioned Ultra AMOLED display diagonal o f 3.8 inches a n d are also typical 480×800 resolution. The rest o you can easily f them in the h e setup a l s o c a n n o is quite t so you do not have to overlook, about n d t h e r e i s a 1 GHz Scorpion processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset a n d Adreno 205 graphics processor. There i s a l s o a 5 megapixel video camera, sadly without LED flash a n d VGA front camera w h is the c h i s to h e normal p l a c e over t h e screen.
Hardware LG Optimus Sol comes i n box w i t h battery charger, USB cable a n d headsets. The headsets a r e ear-in kind a n d provide t h e correct sound. The physical body o f t h e phone i s somewhat bent shape, a n d t h e front here t h e screen a r e three capacitive buttons, “Home”, “Food selection” a n d “Back”, a n d put o n leading o f t h e front cam. When t h e phone screen i s energetic, t h e tricks a r e a l s o dropped, s o y o u c a n e a s i l y spot t h e m i n t h e dark. The proximity in between t h e m i s q u i t e big, s o y o u d o n o t h a v e t o fear a b o u t whether y o u unintentionally press t h e wrong. The left-hand side i s t h e “see-saw” t o readjust t h & # 10.1; volume, while the top power / sleep button, USB connector (under the cover) and 3.5 mm connector for headphones. Rear and front panel are connected diagonally across the phone, so that the back cover is thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom, while the reverse is true for the front.

The back cover is very flexible and can be easily removed. Plastic itself is smooth, but not shiny and does not retain fingerprints, which is commendable. At the bottom of the speaker, while the top of the camera. Now of course we come to the most important issues, and this is the screen.Ultra AMOLED as a type of baptism LG AMOLED screen, definitely shows the advantages of these technologies. So you can waiting very vivid picture with bright colors, excellent contrast and very good viewing angles. Super AMOLED is indeed still better in terms of color and quality of paint, but it is reserved for the expensive models, while here in economy class phone get a terrific display which would not be ashamed nor much stronger models. Definitely a great move by Nokia.


Optimus Sol comes with Android 2.3.4 operating system, which is added to standard LG wi-em. In the case of Sol’s, the GUI has a “dark” theme that uses the dark background of a large number of the menu, as in the case of AMOLED displays in which the number of bright pixels depends on consumption, less power drain. Home screen is divided into standard sub window, where they can be deleted, moved, choose basic, as well as add, up to the maximum number of sub window 7 home. At the bottom there are four fixed shortcuts for basic functions, while the rest of the space on the home screen as a shortcut and free widget. The application calls for a standard and, unfortunately, does not have the advanced dynamic contact search.
List of applications to scroll vertically, and there is a clearly defined division between the pre-installed applications and those that are subsequently installed from the net. Preinstalled applications for Notes is a useful thing, but the on-screen keyboard was not too thrilled, and often we are going to type the wrong letter. Polaris Office that comes with the Optimus Sol is able to open a standard office documents, and has support for changing the content, which can be very useful if you need something quickly to correct the text or table.

When you close the status bar, you’ll find the next notification and very useful shortcuts for switching sound, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and data flow. The video player is very good and supports a number of formats. No problem swallowing and DivX subtitles with supporting our case. Optimus Sol also supports DLNA multimedia sharing over a local network SmartShare applications, as well as WiFi Direct protocol for high-speed direct exchange of data with other devices that support the protocol, without having to connect to a central hub, which was completed in WiFi Cast application. Web browser supports Flash, but is unable to hiccup a bit bug  when displaying a lot of sites with Flash. In addition, it is pretty fast and the system is very functional tabs. Screen size and resolution are sufficient for moderate web browsing, as though for most sites it is necessary to zoom read content. RemoteCall is an interesting application that should allow you to automatically get in touch with some of the LG’s technical support, which sounds interesting. Though we have not tried this option.