Los Mejores Celulares Próximos


Está claramente visita será un gran año para los teléfonos móviles. O un mínimo de un año para los grandes teléfonos móviles. Con el CES y el comercio del Mobile World Congress muestra ahora en nuestro haber, tenemos una sugerencia de varios de los mejores teléfonos en relación los EE.UU.. lo largo de los siguientes meses. Si quieres un teléfono móvil joya de la corona, Deseo que usted tenga las manos grandes, ya que estos puntos están incluyendo pantallas de cinco pulgadas.

New phone models resemble Nyc Urban area busesif you merely missed one, don’t fret, there will be three additional along in five mins. While Samsung, LG, EDGE and HTC have all indicated their plans for 2013, there are still some significant producers missing out on from this list. The majority of significantly, I don’t have any Apple or Amazon phones right here, due to the fact that there just isn’t really sufficient understood about those rumored gadgets yet. We have no idea if Amazon is creating a phone at all, although I think it should. Apple will certainly have additional phones this year, yet we have no idea when, just what they’ll be called, or as a matter of fact anything concerning them. So we’ll keep back till we have some actual details there.

Nokia will most likely stand by up until the be up to launch a significant brand-new front runner. I’m also neglecting the unquestionably appealing Chinese phones we’ve seen recently from Huawei, ZTE, and Alcatel (TCL). Those suppliers do not have a good track record of getting their crown jewel gadgets got by U.S. providers, so we’ll hang around up until we come across bona fide U.S. versions of their phones to include them in a listing like this.

Estos 7 teléfonos, sin embargo, have great opportunities of coming to the UNITED STATE Click via the slideshow to visit which smartphones we believe are worth awaiting this year.

Resource: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2376171,00.asp

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